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205/50VR17 NCT5 ROF Goodyear

205/50VR17 NCT5 ROF Goodyear

The Goodyear Eagle NCT5 ROF stands out as a high-performance summer tire designed for use with passenger vehicles.


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  • Exceptional Summer Traction
  • Run-Flat Technology
  • Extended Tread Life
  • Enhanced Controllability


The Goodyear Eagle NCT5 ROF stands out as a high-performance summer tire designed for use with passenger vehicles.

Equipped with run-flat technology, this tire boasts a reinforced structure that can support the vehicle’s weight and passengers for a limited duration after the loss of air pressure. In the event of a puncture or cut, the tire can be driven for up to 50 miles at speeds of 50 mph, providing a valuable safety net and preventing drivers from being stranded. It’s important to note that run-flat models are not interchangeable with regular tires due to their heavier construction, typically intended for vehicles without space for a spare tire.

This tire excels in summer weather conditions, delivering exceptional traction on both dry and wet surfaces. However, it is not recommended for winter use, as the specialized compound loses flexibility in colder temperatures. The wide circumferential grooves effectively resist hydroplaning by expelling water from beneath the tire, ensuring a secure driving experience.

The Eagle NCT5 ROF is engineered for extended tread life, thanks to its specially designed tread pattern featuring center twin ribs and shoulder tread blocks. This design minimizes irregular tread wear by evenly distributing the forces of acceleration, cornering, and braking across the entire tire surface, providing a cost-efficient and durable solution.

Experience top-notch handling and maneuverability with this tire. The twin continuous center ribs in the tread design enhance steering responsiveness and driving stability, ensuring constant road contact. Additionally, the shoulder tread blocks increase biting edges, greatly improving cornering ability and overall driving safety.

Manufacturers recommend changing tires every 10 years, provided they are stored correctly before sale, ensuring that the year of manufacture does not compromise their service life. Choose the Goodyear Eagle NCT5 ROF for a high-performance, reliable driving experience.




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