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Welcome to the illustrious journey of Pitstop, a legacy born from the acquisition of Parkers Pitstop by the visionary Waleed Baker in 1991. Drawing inspiration from his tenure with the Parkers Pitstop team, Baker’s entrepreneurial spirit and fervent passion for establishing the epitome of an all-encompassing Auto Fitment Centre led to the founding of the Pitstop we all know and trust today.

Embark on the remarkable journey of Pitstop, a legacy traced back to the inception of Parkers Auto Centre. In 1991, entrepreneur Waleed Baker acquired the Parkers Auto Centre store in Athlone, Balgravia Rd – Klipfontein, laying the foundation for a visionary enterprise. Fuelled by his experience with the Parkers Pitstop team, Baker’s entrepreneurial spirit inspired the establishment of Pitstop Auto Centre in 1992, shaping the brand’s commitment to becoming the ultimate Auto Fitment Centre.

The evolution of Pitstop unfolded through pivotal moments in its history. In 1993, Baker expanded his reach by acquiring the second store located in Woodstock, Albert Road, originally operating as Parkers Auto Centre. The transformative chapter continued in 1996 when Baker acquired Pitstop Auto Centre from Muhammed Parker, subsequently rebranding it as Parkers Pitstop. In 1999, Baker orchestrated a significant merger with Tyre Mart, a strategic move towards providing a comprehensive and cost-effective “One-Stop” service. As the brand thrived under Baker’s leadership, Pitstop expanded to encompass 16 branches, solidifying its prominent presence throughout the Western Cape.

Pitstop’s journey is a testament to its roots, showcasing the amalgamation of Parkers Auto Centre, Pitstop Auto Centre, and Tyre Mart into a unified and thriving entity.

At the heart of Pitstop lies our ethos encapsulated in the slogan “Energy in Action.” It embodies our profound commitment to customer service and operational efficiency. Understanding the pulse of our customers and identifying the sweet spot where their needs align with our expertise, we craft an experience that transcends expectations.

Due to strategic adjustments amidst economic shifts, Pitstop has optimized operations to focus on five key branches in the Western Cape, ensuring a more concentrated and enhanced experience for our valued customer

Looking ahead, our enduring vision is to emerge as a National player, anchoring our growth in the bedrock of cherished family values. A relentless pursuit of excellence propels us to constantly elevate the quality and diversity of services we offer to our esteemed customers.

As we invite you to be part of the Pitstop Family, we extend an invitation to witness and engage in the manifestation of our “Energy in Action.” This familial ecosystem is a dynamic space where innovation, customer-centricity, and automotive passion converge to shape a future defined by excellence. Join us on this journey as we navigate towards a horizon where Pitstop Auto Centre stands as the quintessence of automotive service, embraced by a growing family of patrons sharing in our commitment to “Energy in Action.”

The roots of our commitment to automotive excellence and customer satisfaction delve into the earliest days of our existence. Baker’s visionary aspirations for the perfect Auto Fitment Centre took tangible form with the inception of our flagship branch in Woodstock. This branch, now our esteemed Pitstop Head Office, stands proudly as a cornerstone along Albert Road, a symbol of our dedication to quality service and a landmark for all navigating the route to and from the city centre.



On the right, there are statistics on our clients, it allows us to understand with whom we most often work.

Convenient Payment
Convenient Payment

We support all modern types of payments as well as a non-cash form.

Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance

By purchasing a product from us you get an official dealer warranty.

Only Original
Only Original

We work only with verified official suppliers and licensed products.

Products Certified
Products Certified

Product quality is officially confirmed by certificates from the manufacturer.

Low Prices
Low Prices

Due to the volume of purchased, we are able to give the most low prices.

Selection System
Selection System

We have developed a convenient and detailed spare parts search system.

Quality Control
Quality Control

All products аnd their characteristics are checked personally by our managers.

Support Online Resources
Support Online Resources

Our online resources center specialists will help with the replacement of spare part.

Service Center
Service Center

We have our own service center with professional and high-class craftsmen.

Our clients


All the most frequently asked questions are collected here. If you also have a question, ask it through the feedback form in the contacts section.

To place an order, you need to enter your personal account on the site and put the spare part you are interested in in the basket . If you do not have a personal account, then you need to register. After entering your personal account, you can add the spare part you are interested in to the cart by clicking the "Cart" button in the search or in the spare part card. After adding an item to the cart, you can continue your search or proceed to checkout.
The Vin code of the car is necessary for the accurate selection of spare parts, but it can not always help one hundred percent in the collection of this or that spare part. Therefore, the manager may ask for additional information on the car: engine size, steering wheel location, fuel used, etc.
Yes. You can.
Yes, a spare part can be reserved for up to 5 days. To place a spare part in reserve, you must contact the manager of the company. If the spare part is still in transit, it can be reserved for up to 5 days after arrival. When the spare part arrives at the warehouse in our adresses, the manager who accepted the request for the reserve will contact you.
The status of the spare part "On the way", standing instead of the price of the spare part, means that the spare part has already been removed from the car, but has not yet been brought to the warehouse in our adresse. The approximate delivery time can be checked with the manager. If the spare part is still in transit, it can be reserved for up to 5 days after arrival. When the spare part arrives at the warehouse in our adresses, the manager who accepted the request for the reserve will contact you.


On the right, there are statistics on our clients, it allows us to understand with whom we most often work.

Personal Clients
Corporate Clients
Private Clients
Auto Concern
Online Shops
Auto Dealers
Auto Clubs

Nearest Branches

Here are our others branch addresses.

HQ address: 49 Albert Road Woodstock, Cape Town, 7925

Branch 3: Pitstop, 198 Imam Haron Rd, Claremont, Cape Town, 7708

Branch 4: Pitstop Auto Centre, 79 Montague Drive, Montague Gardens, Cape Town, 7441

Branch 5: Pitstop, 49 Albert Rd, Woodstock, Cape Town, 7925

Branch 6: Pitstop, Klipfontein Rd, Athlone, 7764

Branch 7: Pit Stop, Western Cape, Fish Hoek, 7975



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